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Audio Health and Wellness Hypnotherapy CDs

$29.00 each (including S&H in USA)

“Your Special Place”

Relax your body and mind as you take a wonderful journey that transforms negative energies
of anxiety and stress to positive, rejuvenating, healthy energy!  Experience self-hypnosis
and visualization techniques that provide relief from stress.

“Celebrate Your Own Uniqueness”

Recognize and enhance your talents, achievements and areas of expertise.
Utilize your strengths to succeed in your personal and professional life.

“Your Glass is Fuller than You Think”

Increase your optimism and enjoy a more positive outlook on life.
Focus on the joys, gifts and wonders of your life.

“Learning Enhancement”

Retain, remember and recall information that is important and beneficial to you.
Feel more confident when you take tests, exams or give reports.

“Free from Fear”

Relax your body and mind as you become calmer and more comfortable as you more easily manage
fears and phobias.   Transform negative thoughts and feelings of anxiety and stress
to positive, confident, healthy energy.

“Healing Your Body”

Increase your bodied rate and abilities of recovery.  Managing discomfort in more positive ways
enhances healing and feelings of wellbeing.

“Sleeping Soundly”

Relaxing your body and mind completely as you drift into a peaceful, pleasant slumber gives
your body the valuable time that it needs to regenerate and rejuvenate.

“You are Number 1”

Enhancing your sense of self worth, self esteem and confidence leads to success.
You will move through challenges and vulnerabilities more naturally and comfortably.

“Finding Your Focus”

Stay on task and follow through as you accomplish your tasks and assignments.
Enjoy a sense of accomplishment and increase confidence as you complete your work efficiently.


No more putting it of until tomorrow!   Utilize time lines and organizational tools as you prioritize your responsibilities.

“Enhancing Your Memory”

Remembering where you put it, what you need to pick up, who you need to call,
reduces stress in your life and saves you time.  Learn to “rewind the video of your mind”
to recall details and situations.

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