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Mind and Hypnosis
Weight Control
Stop Smoking
Self Confidence
Relax and Let Go
Stress Control


“Just like having a Hypnotherapist in your home”

What makes these programs so valuable is their convenience, their quick results and their once-only purchase price. They are an investment that improves your Health, Happiness and Productivity!   

Each Psycho-visual program is a complete therapy in itself.

Psycho-visual Therapy was developed by the Psychological Research and Development Organization originated in Europe in 1983, where it has become successful in the utilization of advanced therapeutic technologies for positive, beneficial change.  Its continuing aim is to provide cost-effective therapies which are supportive and preventative.

$49.00 each (including S&H in USA)

Let go of the MYTHS!!

Learn the realities and truths about the actual workings of your
subconscious and your conscious minds. Let your mind wander and
your body relax as the power and strength of your subconscious
mind does all the work for you to begin your journey towards a
healthier, happier and more productive life!

Weight Control DVD

Weight Control DVD

This Psycho-visual DVD gives you insight to the origins and
sources of your detrimental eating habits and behaviors.
It works through the subconscious part of your mind to change
and improve your choices and to leave the “old” feelings
and responses in the past where they belong!

Stop Smoking DVD
Let your Subconscious mind help you TAKE CONTROL of your life, health,
happiness and productivity BACK from the harmful effects of cigarettes.
Re-enforce your determination, promise and commitment to finally become
a PERMANENT non-smoker!!!

Self Confidence DVD

Self Confidence DVD

Enhancing and building your self confidence and self esteem is easy
when you utilize the many attributes, power and strengths of your
subconscious mind. You will be better able to recognize and focus
on your very own unique talents and areas of expertise. You will
begin to build a brighter more positive future easily and naturally.

Positivity DVD

Positivity DVD

Is your “glass half full or half empty”? Learn how to change
negative thoughts and feelings into more positive, proactive and
constructive, actions and behaviors. You can enhance your health,
happiness and productivity on a daily basis as you utilize new and more
positive ways of working through your challenges and vulnerabilities.

Relax and let go DVD

Relax and Let go DVD

We all experience stress in our lives that can lead to illness and unhappiness.
You can learn to manage and deal with your various stressors in healthier, and
more positive, constructive ways. All you have to do is watch the video and
you’ll find that you begin feeling better; calmer, quieter and more
relaxed. You’ll be healthier and happier.

Stress Control DVD

Stress Control DVD

Your body is affected by and reacts to stress. It affects your organs,
tissues, muscles, cells and even your auto-immune system. Lean how to
protect and enhance your health as you watch this video. You will feel
rejuvenated as you give your body the ability and opportunity to
regenerate and relax in a healthier and more productive way.

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