Improve Communication


   Enhancing your communication skills and personal interactions improves and accentuates your opportunities for professional and personal success. As you develop new communications skills you increase your ability to alleviate or better handle conflict and avoid non-productive confrontations at home and in the workplace.

When communication really counts we all prefer face-to-face, conversation.  Some of us feel extremely comfortable in a one-on-one conversation or discussion, but perhaps you are not as calm and confidant as you would like to be when conflict arises or when you need to present ideas or information to a group of people.

Q: How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

A: Hypnotherapy increases your ability to express yourself confidently and clearly. 

After obtaining background and pertinent present information, you will enjoy a hypnosis session that addresses the most prevalent issues and includes relaxation, visualization, and positive affirmations. 

Q: How Many Visits Will I Need?

A: The first session will enable the individual to begin to adopt a more constructive perception and outlook. We provide an audio CD recording of the hypnosis session that you can continue to use daily for a period of 28-32 days to accomplish the maximum benefits. We will explore more constructive ways of handling challenging situations and help you utilize new communication techniques that increase your feelings of confidence and self worth. You can learn to utilize strategies that allow your mind and body to work together in unison and harmony to enhance your relationships.

You will return at least once more in approximately 10-14 days. We will review your progress and incorporate additional suggestions into a new hypnosis session to facilitate continued progress. Subsequent sessions are determined by the client and the Hypnotherapist based on the clients needs and progress.  

If you have any additional questions about this program or would like additional information on our other programs, feel free to call or email us at any time: (610)797.8250 - We have programs and options available to you depending on your needs and resources. You can be assured that we will design a program that will address your individual needs and your budget so that you can begin your rewarding journey of C.H.A.N.G.E. starting with your very 1st visit. Utilize the Program Option$ link for fees