Eliminate Pounds and Inches


Say goodbye to unwanted pounds and inches easily, naturally and comfortably by accessing the strength and resources of your subconscious mind through Hypnotherapy. The unproductive habits, problems and issues that have contributed to your weight gain are overcome and replaced with permanent, easily maintained changes that enhance your body’s ability to maintain a healthy and attractive appearance.

Our "C.H.A.N.G.E" YOUR WEIGHT FOREVER  hypnotherapy program is effective because the sessions are individually structured to your own specific needs and goals to better control and manage your weight.  

Because the strong and powerful subconscious part of your mind knows what is best for you, Hypnotherapy is the easy, natural solution to permanent weight loss. The changes begin immediately because, through the increased strength and focus of your subconscious mind, you are now able to take control of your eating habits and behaviors. You are much more aware of the positive aspects that have initiated your decision to attain and maintain a healthy and attractive body.

This program is NOT a diet! It allows you to enjoy normal foods without feeling deprived while establishing permanent, healthier and more positive eating habits and behaviors that can last for a lifetime. There's no weighing or measuring of foods, and no counting of calories, carbs or fat grams. There are no supplements or special foods required.

We utilize the strength of your subconscious mind to focus easily, naturally and comfortably on healthier, more positive eating habits and behaviors. The "C.H.A.N.G.E" YOUR WEIGHT FOREVER program provides a balance of nutritional, metabolic, physical, emotional and motivational information, tools and resources. This comprehensive approach enhances your rate and level of success when you are motivated to lose weight. We provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish and permanently maintain your weight loss and eliminate any previous "yo-yo" syndrome and failures.

Q: How Does Hypnotherapy Help Attain an Ideal Weight?

A: Hypnotherapy utilizes the strength of your subconscious mind to decrease negative eating habits and cravings for inappropriate foods. Bad habits, issues and problems that have contributed to your weight gain are overcome and replaced with permanent, easily maintained, healthy changes in your eating habits and behaviors. Your desire to "choose" to eat healthy, well balanced, nourishing foods is increased and you'll be more motivated to exercise. The"C.H.A.N.G.E." YOUR WEIGHT FOREVER hypnotherapy program has an extremely high success rate because it is individually structured to your own specific needs and goals. You can begin to lose weight during the first week and most of our clients begin to see a difference in their appearance or clothing in the second or third week of the program.

Q: How Does "C.H.A.N.G.E." YOUR WEIGHT FOREVER  Differ From Other Weight Control Programs?

A: When you come in for your first session you'll be with our Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Beverley Bley, L.P.N., (or one of our highly qualified associates) for approximately 2 hours. She is not just interested in what you eat and when you eat, she is also interested in what demands are made of your time and what stresses you face on a regular basis. After Beverley has compiled all the necessary information the two of you will decide which problems and behaviors to focus on during the first week. Most often that session focuses on "turning the dial" down on the cravings for problem foods and "turning the dial" up on your attraction to healthy, positive foods. Beverley will record the actual hypnosis session, which lasts about 25 minutes or so. You will take the CD home and play it at bedtime, each night, until you return for your second visit one week later. You will also receive a subliminal, music, reinforcement CD recording to enhance your transition and progress.

Your second visit (1 week later) will last about 1 to 2 hours. The third, fourth and fifth visits will last approximately 1 hours, depending on what issues the two of you are discussing and resolving. She does not run a clock on her sessions. Beverley takes all the time that a client needs during each visit. Each visit focuses on a particular aspect of weight control issues to ensure your long-term success. There is never an extra charge for phone calls in between your visits and you receive a CD recording of your new hypnosis session conducted during each visit.

  • The 2nd visit usually familiarizes you with the difference between appetite and hunger so that you are better able to "listen to your body" so that you are able to decrease the size of your portions and serving sizes at mealtimes.
  • The third visit will be one week after the second. That visit usually deals with the initiation of a plan to "increase your level of activity".
  • The fourth visit is approximately 2 weeks after the third visit and covers "treats and indulgements" and other areas of concern.
  • The last visit is 4-5 weeks after the fourth visit. Plateaus, vulnerable food days and refocusing are discussed.

Our "C.H.A.N.G.E" YOUR WEIGHT FOREVER program is set up in that way because it is a proven, scientific fact that it takes the subconscious mind approximately 28-32 days of consistent reinforcement to eliminate negative habits or behaviors or to instill positive habits and behaviors. You will be doing some of both, so the first four visits are during that period of time. The last visit, 4-5 weeks later, is designed to help you work through a plateau period or "set point" if you have one, and to learn how to deal with vulnerable and challenging food days.

If you have any additional questions about this program or would like additional information on our other programs, feel free to call or email us at any time: (610)797.8250 - change@4change.com. We have programs and options available to you depending on your needs and resources. You can be assured that we will design a program that will address your individual needs and your budget so that you can begin your rewarding journey of C.H.A.N.G.E. starting with your very 1st visit. Utilize the Program Option$ link for fees.

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