Eliminate Smoking


Stop smoking more easily and naturally by accessing and utilizing the strength of your subconscious mind through Hypnotherapy. The habits and problems that have contributed to your inability to stop smoking are overcome

Our Kicking Your "Butts" Forever program eliminates your smoking habit to enable you to enjoy a longer, healthier, happier and more productive life. 

We utilize the strength of your subconscious mind to focus easily, naturally and more comfortably on the positive benefits that your mind and body will experience as you become a non-smoker. The Kicking Your "Butts" Forever program provides a balance of physical, emotional, psychological and motivational information, tools and resources. This comprehensive approach enhances your rate and level of success when you are motivated to stop smoking. We provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish and permanently maintain your goals to stay and remain cigarette free.

Q. How Does Hypnotherapy Help Me Become a Non-smoker?

A. Hypnotherapy is a very natural and yet powerful technique of focused relaxation that enables the subconscious mind to be receptive to positive suggestions. It is a client-centered process, in which the specific issues of the individual are addressed based on their particular goals, motivations, and vulnerabilities.

Hypnotherapy allows the subconscious mind to become stronger and more effective in eliminating cigarettes from your life. The changes begin immediately because; through the increased strength and focus of your subconscious mind you are now taking control. You become much more aware of the positive aspects that have initiated your decision to spend the rest of your life as a non-smoker.

Q. How Do I Know Whether I am a Good Candidate to be Successful When I Stop Smoking?

A. Whether you have stopped smoking once, or many more times before, or have never tried to stop smoking, one of the most important aspects to insure long-term success is your knowing, understanding, and accepting that for you, there is no such thing as "just one" cigarette. If you still believe that you can smoke a cigarette once in awhile, when you get stressed or just on special occasions, you are probably not a good candidate for any smoking cessation program at this time.

Q. Will I Still Experience Cravings or Urges to Smoke Cigarettes After I Have Been Hypnotized?

A. After the hypnosis session some people report an absence of any desire to smoke. Others state that even though they may have some “cigarette thoughts”, that they are manageable and pass relatively quickly.

Q. How Many Visits Will it Take?

A. The KICKING YOUR "BUTTS" FOREVER program consists of 4 visits to insure long lasting, permanent results. You will be free of cigarettes after your second visit.

  • The first visit is a preliminary and orientation visit to help you better understand the complexities of your relationship with cigarettes.
  • The second visit is when you will actually "say good-by" to your cigarettes and you will experience a Hypnosis session at the end of that visit.
  • You are hypnotized again at the 3rd and 4th sessions. Those visits focus on your making the transition from being a non-smoker to being a permanent non-smoker. They re-enforce the benefits that you are now enjoining as a non-smoker and resolve your remaining vulnerabilities. We will also explore and deal with the issues that have perhaps, taken you back to cigarette smoking in the past.

There is never an extra charge for phone calls in between your visits and you receive a new CD recording of your hypnosis sessions conducted during your 2nd 3rd and 4th visits.

Q. Will I Gain Weight When I Stop Smoking?

A. If you’ve had problems with weight gain with prior attempts to stop smoking they will be discussed and resolved during your initial preliminary visit. If you are at a normal, healthy body weight when you become a non- smoker and you find that you do gain a few pounds that weight gain should be temporary as the body re-adjusts to a healthier lifestyle,  as long as your eating habits are as healthy as they were before.

If you have any additional questions about this program or would like additional information on our other programs, feel free to call or email us at any time: (610)797.8250 - change@4change.com. We have programs and options available to you depending on your needs and resources. You can be assured that we will design a program that will address your individual needs and your budget so that you can begin your rewarding journey of C.H.A.N.G.E. starting with your very 1st visit. Utilize the Program Option$ link for fees.

What People Are Saying About C.H.A.N.G.E. "Kicking Your Butts Forever"

"Beverley was certainly correct when she said that stopping smoking is one of the most challenging things that a person does in their life! However, she was also correct in saying that hypnotherapy makes it easier. Although I had stopped smoking several times before and then started back again, the intensity and thoroughness of this program will prevent that from happening this time." (G.E.)

"I am now a non-smoker, which I am ecstatic about. I have already recommended Beverley." (L.C.)

"Thank you for our sessions and helping me to achieve my goals!!" (R.D.)

"I was very impressed with how much Beverley helped and supported me as I went through the transition from being a smoker to being a permanent non-smoker. Her program focused on my specific needs and vulnerabilities giving me the tools that I needed for success." (S. H.)

"I am very pleased with the results, haven't smoked a cigarette since I said goodbye to them ay Bev's office!" (R.W.)

"I just want to thank Beverley again for making my trip to Germany one of the best times of my life - mostly due to the fact that I didn't ruin things by constantly thinking about sneaking away to have a cigarette. Beverley has improved the living environment around myself and my children (who now live smoke-free), has helped me keep a promise to my deceased mother, and has added years to my life by ending my smoking!" (B.W.)

"I always felt that I could call Beverley at any time if I needed support or help. It also made me feel stronger when Beverley went away for a weekend and I had to handle things myself 'just until Monday'!" (F.L.)

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