Control Chemotherapy Side Effects


Hypnotherapy focuses on improving emotional health to strengthen the mind and body’s ability to move more easily through the various treatments of malignant conditions.

Each person’s issues are different and can affect the body’s ability to circumvent the various side effects of chemotherapy, radiation or other prescribed medications. Attitude is a major factor.  It is important that the individual accept that relief is possible.

Hypnotherapy techniques maximize the fullest potential of a patient’s subconscious mind to control, manage or alleviate side effects of cancer treatments.  It is not suggested that Hypnotherapy take the place of, or be substituted for, conventional medical care and treatment. In fact, it is advisable to attain approval from a member of your medical team. However, Hypnotherapy compliments and enhances traditional medical treatment and has been shown to be extremely beneficial in many cases.

Q: How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

A: Hypnotherapy helps patients restore peace, tranquility and balance between their mind and body. Stress, anxiety, fears, angers, and hostilities that can often contribute to the side affects associated with treatments can often be alleviated.

Hypnotherapeutic methods for achieving a deep state of relaxation are numerous and varied and the choice may depend on the condition and personality of the patient.  Suggestions may be direct or indirect, and may utilize relaxation, visualization, transference, anesthesia, guided imagery, hypnoanalysis, diversion or other techniques. Teaching patients to use self-hypnosis can be highly beneficial as they learn to manage or diminish side effects or discomfort to tolerable levels.

Q: How Many Visits Will I Need?

A: You will begin to notice some improvements with the first session. We provide an audio CD recording of the hypnosis session that you can continue to use daily to accomplish the maximum benefits. You will return at least once more in approximately 10-14 days. We will review your progress and incorporate additional suggestions into a new hypnosis session to facilitate continued progress. Subsequent sessions are determined by the client and the Hypnotherapist based on the clients needs and progress

If you are unable to come into one of our offices, for personal sessions, we can discuss your issues and needs over the telephone and then record an individually designed CD for you. House calls or in-hospital visits may also be a viable option.

If you have any additional questions about this program or would like additional information on our other programs, feel free to call or email us at any time: (610)797.8250 - We have programs and options available to you depending on your needs and resources. You can be assured that we will design a program that will address your individual needs and your budget so that you can begin your rewarding journey of C.H.A.N.G.E. starting with your very 1st visit. Utilize the Program Option$ link for fees.