C.H.A.N.G.E. Academy Courses

Course objectives and eligibility requirements.
Individuals who complete this intensive training will develop the ability to use hypnotherapy skills effectively.

This course is specifically designed for those in or interested in the "Helping Professions". Physicians, Counselors, Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers, Holistic Health Practitioners, Clergy and Educators also find this course to be a valuable and complementary addition to their present therapy modalities.

The training is also for those persons new to the field and for those who wish to refine their skills. It is a valuable tool for self discovery and improvement or for sales persons and athletes. 

In addition, this course is suitable for persons desiring to develop a new vocation; or who are considering a part-time or retirement career. Persons over 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent may be accepted.

Course Length – 150 hours
The certification course is divided into three 40 hour modules: the Basic, the Advanced and Hypnoanalysis courses. This allows a student optimum classroom instruction and “hands on” experience time. Additional time is included to accommodate the student’s completing the required independent study and the post-course work. Students receive a Diploma for each course level completed. After the final exam, and submitting the post-course samples of their work, they receive certification as a certified Hypnotherapist.

Course Content:

Basic Hypnosis Course

History of Hypnosis                      

Guided  Imagery

Suggestibility Testing                  

Personal Development

Learning Enhancement               

Self Hypnosis

Principles of Suggestion             

Hypnotic Inductions

Formulating Suggestions            

The Elman Method 

Post Hypnotic Suggestions         

Categories of Hypnosis

Relaxation / Stress Mgt                 

Waking Hypnosis

Advanced Hypnosis Course

Pre‑Induction Talk


Client Intakes

Glove Anesthesia

Weight Loss

Forensic Hypnosis

Stop Smoking

Time Line Therapy

Group Hypnosis

Age/PLR  Regression 

Sports Enhancement

Secondary Gains        

Introduction to NLP

Fears and Phobias          

Hypnoanalysis Course 

Hypnoanalysis Goals

Medical/ Dental Hypnosis

Hypnoanalysis techniques

Ethics and Responsibilities

Working with Children

Setting up a Practice

Sexual Disorders

Marketing / Networking    

Psychological Disorders

Certification Exam

Required Post-course work 

Recordings of 3 practice hypnosis sessions

Copy of completed intake forms

Copy of written suggestions (script)

Type-written paper reflecting class experience and goals

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